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Youth Insearch Organisation Information

Youth Insearch Organisation Information

Youth Insearch’s slogan is ‘love in action,’ and that’s truly the driving point behind the established community organisation, which operates out of suburban Sydney’s Castle Hill. Established back in 1985, this organisation has been helping youths get back onto the paths of happy, successful and safe lives for three decades now. The organisation was created by a Riverstone Community Centre youth development counsellor. 

Weekend programs are the main activity at Youth Insearch in Sydney. The organisation plans extensive weekend programs that start on Fridays and end on Saturdays. During these weekend events, young people gather together in a group to talk about the serious problems that many people in their age group routinely face. Some examples of these pressing societal issues are drug dependence, alcohol dependence, crime, depression, bullying and violence. The goal of these weekend programs is to give young people the chance to exchange their feelings in a nurturing, comfortable and healthy setting. It’s also to give them the chance to talk about productive and effective ways for people to overcome these problems. The young people who take part in these programs are between the ages of 12 and 17. 

Peer networks and organised support groups are also significant aspects of the whole Youth Insearch experience. These things exist to assist young people in making positive adjustments to their lives and mindsets whether they involve school, their relationships with their family members and friends or anything else. Experienced and knowledgeable counsellors are also a major component of the Youth Insearch experience.